EcoLox Blue Pond & Lake Dye
Lexington, Kentucky; August 27, 2014
EcoLox Launches a New Line of Blue Pond & Lake Dye Products.

EcoLox, a Lexington, Kentucky based environmentally friendly product development company, announces the introduction of their first commercial product – EcoLox Blue Pond & Lake Dye. Unlike traditional pond dyes, EcoLox Dye products are made utilizing new AnnuLox® proprietary catalytic technology to produce pond and lake colorant products without the use of heavy metal oxidants, thus offering consumers a “green” alternative for environmentally sensitive applications.

EcoLox Blue Pond & Lake Dye is the first of many products that will feature AnnuLox proprietary technology for dye manufacturing, which not only eliminates the use of toxic heavy metals, particularly manganese, chromium and lead, from the dye products themselves, but also eliminates the production of huge quantities of heavy metal waste currently generated as a byproduct of traditional dye manufacturing operations.

EcoLox President, Jeff Lawrence, Ph.D., described the importance of this new product, “Millions of gallons of blue dye are added to ponds, lakes and public recreational waters every year. All of the blue dye in these products is currently manufactured by a process that generates tons of heavy metal waste which is not only present in the dye itself, but also goes into our environment. EcoLox has recently acquired exclusive rights to use AnnuLox Technologies’ newly developed, proprietary AnnuLox® catalytic system technology, which vastly reduces the production of these toxic wastes and also eliminates the presence of all heavy metals in EcoLox dye products. By using this new technology, we are able to make a truly safe and environmentally responsible product. EcoLox Blue Pond & Lake Dye will be marketed and sold throughout the Bluegrass area of Kentucky and through agricultural and other farm supply retail outlets under the EcoLox line of environmentally friendly products. It will also be immediately available for purchase online at

EcoLox Blue Pond & Lake Dye beautifies water by giving it a rich aqua blue shade. It is completely safe for use in small bodies of water such as those found on golf courses, farms, parks and other recreational waters. EcoLox Blue Pond & Lake Dye absorbs the critical wavelength of sunlight required by algal and other aquatic plants for photosynthesis. It thereby inhibits the growth of undesirable algae, providing an ideal environment-friendly means of control without the use of pesticides or other harmful chemicals. It is completely nontoxic to fish, waterfowl, livestock and humans as well as decorative aquatic surface plants, such as lily pads.

EcoLox is a locally owned and operated product development company with offices and manufacturing facilities located at 3475 Castleton Hill, Lexington, KY 40517. Learn more about Annulox, LLC at