3X Concentrated – Four Gallon Case EcoLox Blue Pond Dye

$399.99 $339.99


NO Toxic Heavy Metals
(NO Chromium, NO Lead & NO Manganese)
NO Algaecides
NO Herbicides
Manufactured in Lexington, Kentucky

EcoLox Blue Pond & Lake Dye is an aesthetic pond and lake water color enhancer that is completely safe for fish, people, wildlife and the environment. EcoLox Dyes are completely safe for swimming and irrigation. Beautify your pond or lake with the brilliant blue color of EcoLox Blue Pond & Lake Dye today. Our blue water colorant blocks the specific wavelength of light algae need to grow and prosper effectively chocking out its primary source of energy eliminating algae without the use of toxic algaecides and herbicides.

One gallon of 3X Concentrated EcoLox Blue Pond & Lake Dye will treat three acres, four feet deep (3,900,000 Gallons) for up to 30 days.

EcoLox® Dyes Label
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Additional information

Weight 43 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 15 × 12.5 in





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