EcoLox on the Equinox

We’re not talking about the latest Chevy model car here. We’re talking about that time of year where the days become a little shorter and nights a little longer. The autumnal equinox is today and that means fall is officially upon us. The sun is shining more or less directly on the equator giving us roughly equal parts day and night. Ready for spring already? Unfortunately the days will continue to get shorter from here on out until the winter solstice on December 21. Never fear the sun will come out tomorrow and spring will have sprung before you know it. With that in mind we’ll discuss EcoLox on the Equinox.

Pond and lake maintenance is a year-round chore. No one wants to talk about it, much less partake in the practice but those of us in the pond and lake maintenance industry know a little preparation and maintenance can go a long way. As the days grow shorter and the nights longer, the temperatures will begin to fall and algae will naturally have a more difficult time to grow and prosper. Once the algae have been brought under control naturally (that’s the way we like it), thanks to mother nature, it is a great time to use eco-friendly EcoLox Blue Pond & Lake Dye to assist her in the algae irradiation and beautification of your lake or pond. Whether you’re treating a small koi pond or a large lake, it’s never too late to use EcoLox Blue Pond & Lake Dye to get a jump start on the algae in an effort to keep your pond or lake beautiful and blue throughout the fall and winter months. EcoLox uses no herbicides or pesticides and is completely safe for fish, wildlife and humans. It’s safe for swimming and for irrigation so use EcoLox Blue Pond & Lake Dye to help mother nature along on her battle against algae and beautify your pond or lake today.

It’s fall in the BLUEgrass state here in beautiful Central Kentucky which means Kentucky football and horse racing are among us. So we’ll sip a good Kentucky bourbon by the fire, watch a little football and long for those warmer spring days.



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